Who We Support

Who We Support


Dancu Baptist Church

Dancu Baptist Church & Tabita Association – Location: rural Dancu (population 1800). Church has 70 members. Ministries include: numerous evangelical activities, a luncheon club and meals on wheels for the elderly, a life skills club for  girls, an after school support for children with special learning needs and outreach to prisons and orphanages.


Tabita Association

The church also founded the Tabita Agricultural  Association which in recent years has helped hundreds of poor farmers to become self sufficient and has also helped many of the poorest in the community with emergency supplies of grain.


Mobile Training Team

Mobile Training Team – We are supporting a Moldovan Mobile Training Team comprising, 3 highly experienced pastors, to provide ministry training for these churches, many of which are in remote rural settings and all of which have leaders who are self supporting.

We are very grateful for the partnership and help of Maghull Baptist Church in Liverpool and the Stuart Hine Trust in this process. We also thank Stephen Gaukroger of Clarion Trust International for the encouragement he gave the leaders of this network on his visit to Moldova in November 2009 and his continuing interest in their work.


Emanuel Clinic

Our partner since June 2011, Emanuel Clinic was founded in 1992 by 15 Christian doctors from a variety of denominational backgrounds with a vision to provide the poor and needy with reliable and corruption free medical treatment. Provides 18,000 consultations a year. The UK Charity Medical Missionary News and Breadline are working together to help Emanuel Clinic to develop its Mobile Clinic which provides free treatment for over 1,000 people a year who live in remote, impoverished rural communities.


Lord’s Army Chisinau

Community Church – Location: Capital Chisinau (pop 1 million). Evangelical, 60 members. Mission: “Evangelism is a basic priority for our church – the Lord Jesus sent us to all to witness about Him, and we as a church are called to take this good news of forgiveness to all people.” Ministries include: Clubs for adolescents and young people, Alpha courses, evangelistic conferences for adolescents and young people, retreats/camps for young people, distribution of Christian literature and Bibles, community/family welfare.


Charity Mission for the Disabled

The Charity Mission for The Disabled (CMD) – Location: Straseni near Chisinau, (pop 20,000) CMD provides home visits by a trained team, advice, guidance and therapy support for people with disabilities and their family carers, most of which are very poor and are struggling to cope. Currently, CMD supports over 500 people, including 50 families who have children with disabilities.  It also provides an annual summer camp for 200 children and adults. BREADLINE support of CMD has included the provision of specialist training for its staff and carers and specific support for a number of its beneficiary families including:  education courses and small income generation projects.

Please visit www.moldovcharitymission.org.uk for more information.


Poganesti Baptist Church

Poganesti Baptist Church – Location rural Poganesti (pop 1800). 15 members. Ministries – children, evangelism. This little church is one of our most recent partners. Poganesti is very poor. 10 to 15% of its population have migrated and there is 95% unemployment. Life expectancy is 63 years. 50% of the land remains fallow. People do not have the funds to cultivate it. In 2007 we provided support to Pastor Victor to refurbish the church manse which had become uninhabitable and are in the process of helping him to develop a “mission engine” for his church and ministry e.g. a small horticultural business which he started in 2009. Chris Ducker, our Field Coordinator in Dancu, is also to helping the church to develop projects and ministries for young people, including summer camps and English language lessons.



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Centre for Legal Assistance for People with Disabilities (CLAPD)

 CLAPD (Consultant Juridic) was founded in 2006. Location: Capital Chisinau. Executive director: Vitalie Mester.  Our partner since June 2007, this charity is staffed by a team of Christians from one of our partner churches.  Their mission is to advocate for people with disabilities and their carers by providing free legal assistance, and by advising the government on policy change to promote people’s rights and inclusion into society.

CLAPD also produces and circulates special audio journals for the visually impaired. Many of its potential 9000 readers are scattered throughout remote rural areas where facilities for the blind are virtually non-existent. In 2010 CLAPD played a central role in persuading the Government in Moldova to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


Bethania Christian Relief Association

Location: rural Tintareni (pop 3000). The Bethania Association Christian Centre,  includes after school clubs, poor children’s lunch club, lunch for elderly people, children’s library, ‘Shelter House’ and ‘Transition House’ projects for orphan young women.

In recent years our support has largely been in connection with Bethania Association activities: including help to raise funds for the Shelter House project, summer children’s activities and an ongoing project which finds homes during vacations for children from state run orphanages.


Gotesti Baptist Church

Gotesti Baptist Church and Moldovan Mission – Location: rural Gotesti (population 5000). Church has 60 members, 2 church plants. Ministries include: Youth and children’s activities, Bible study clubs, income generation projects ie, coffee shop/pizza drop in centre, sunflower oil production, pig husbandry. “There are 900 villages or towns in the country that have no evangelical churches of any kind. Our vision is to church plant as many of those as possible starting with the 5 villages nearby to us.”  Pastor Mark McCormick



Malcoci – Location: rural Malcoci (pop 3000). Church ‘Nasterea Domnuli’ – Baptist, has 25 members. Ministries: Evangelical programmes all ages, basic welfare for poor and elderly, day respite centre for 15-20 children aged 7-14 years, and summer camps.

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